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Steam Boilers

ICI Caldaie are specialists in the design and production of complete high-tech thermal systems.

Their long experience has allowed them to create highly qualified services that can meet any need related to the management, monitoring and maintenance of energy systems.

We collaborate with the ICI Caldaie and the customer, identifying solutions suitable for safety, savings and environment protection.

ICI Caldaie steam boilers logo

In addition to boilers themselves, ICI Caldaie’s catalogue also contains housing modules for centralised heating systems, zone satellites, energy meter accessories, litre meters and calorie counters, thermostats and thermoregulations, cascade controllers to accommodate the latest technological and regulatory provisions on the subject of: reducing consumption and emission levels in maximum individual comfort.

The range also includes primary rings, hydraulic separators, modulating pumps, hot water tanks; these accessories are necessary to fine-tune heating systems.

Unical Boilers Range

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