Solar Energy

We are renewable energy consultants and project developers of commercial scale renewable energy generation, storage, distribution projects and private renewable energy networks.

CSS Renewables provide consultancy and development services either as a retained project consultant or as a lead project developer.

Our Approach


CSS Renewables provide comprehensive feasibility studies which include:



Limitless Solar Energy

The sun provides more than enough energy to meet the whole world’s energy needs, and unlike fossil fuels, it won’t run out anytime soon. As a renewable energy source, the only limitation of solar power is our ability to turn it into electricity in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Solar energy - a clean source

No greenhouse gas emissions are released into the atmosphere when you use solar panels to create electricity. And because the sun provides more energy than we’ll ever need, electricity from solar power is a very important energy source in the move to clean energy production.

No fuel to burn

Once a solar farm is completed, operational costs are quite low compared to other forms of power generation. Fuel isn’t required, and this means that solar power can create large amounts of electricity without the uncertainty and expense of securing a fuel supply.

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