JJC Waste Management

JC Waste Management are a leading waste operator in Cumbria and has a deserved reputation in the Furness Peninsula for excellent service. The company has expanded and needs to take over 50,000 tonnes of waste, following full recycling of useful materials, which cannot be recovered to landfill. The return journey is over 200 miles, much of which on quiet Cumbria roads, with the return journey empty and commercially expensive. The client asked us to run the project from planning application through to project delivery. 

CSS Renewables specified a SWIP system which will process 3,000kg/hr of waste products destined for landfill. The RDF fuel will generate steam which in turn will run a Siemens turbine generating over 2mwe for the site. The system removes a long term bio-hazard from landfill and delivers usable energy, reducing the demand on the national grid supply and even contributing when excess electrical power is available.

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