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CSS Renewables is a UK company specialising in the delivery of technology-led solutions across energy generation sectors. We specialise in the Waste to Energy, Bio-Mass and Solar sectors. We have developed a robust, proven and warranted supply chain for a profitable application to a huge waste market that has a significant thermal processing capacity after recycling.

Chilled Process Water – Technical Food Client

Chilled Process Water – Technical Food Client A globally recognised sports and nutrition food manufacturer, Science in Sport, built a new manufacturing facility in the UK. CSS Renewables were selected to supply a number of packages to deliver a world class facility. Isotonic sports gels are a key product line for the company and the newly built factory invested in state-of-the-art equipment supplied by ProXES Gmbh. To achieve a high quality, consistent product the production facility must be served by steam heating, water, and a chilled circuit to meet the critical quality thresholds. CSS Renewables worked closely with the production

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Electric or Hydrogen?

The power of Hydrogen One of the most important challenges today is the decarbonisation of the global economy. The key to meeting this challenge is to consistently expand renewable energy sources as well as the concept of “sector coupling”. What do we mean by “sector coupling”?  It means the integration of renewables in developed industry, energy, and mobility infrastructures. We generate “green” hydrogen from renewable energy using bespoke systems made in the UK which help the integration of fluctuating energy sources such as sun and wind in your process. We will support you from planning and commissioning to operation as

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SIS Plc. Science in Sport PLC is a world-leading premium performance nutrition company. Both of our brands, PhD and SiS, were founded in the UK, and we’re proud of our heritage. Opening in 2022, Blackburn is our Manufacturing and Logistics hub and has the capacity to grow the business to £200 million annual revenue. CSS Renewables won the contract to supply the Boiler system, site water systems, washrooms and ventilation packages Once complete, it will house a state-of-the-art research facility and laboratory to enable performance testing of elite athletes and the development of science-led new products. Start the conversation Arrange

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JJC Waste Management

JJC Waste Management JC Waste Management are a leading waste operator in Cumbria and has a deserved reputation in the Furness Peninsula for excellent service. The company has expanded and needs to take over 50,000 tonnes of waste, following full recycling of useful materials, which cannot be recovered to landfill. The return journey is over 200 miles, much of which on quiet Cumbria roads, with the return journey empty and commercially expensive. The client asked us to run the project from planning application through to project delivery.  CSS Renewables specified a SWIP system which will process 3,000kg/hr of waste products

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